Part 1: A Quote, A Story And A Round Of Each Person’s Thoughts…

The Article: “Leo Buscaglia on Education, Industrialized Conformity, and How Stereotypes and Labels Limit Love”

The Quote“Labels are distancing phenomena. They push us away from each other.”

The Story:

[The art teacher] comes racing in from another class and has time only to nod to the teacher, turn around and say, “Boys and girls, today we are going to draw a tree.” She goes to the blackboard, and she draws her tree which is a great big green ball with a little brown base. Remember those lollipop trees? I never saw a tree that looked like that in my life, but she puts it up there, and she says, “All right, boys and girls, draw.” Everybody gets busy and draws.

If you have any sense, even at that early age, you realize that what she really wanted was for you to draw her tree, because the closer you got to her tree, the better your grade. If you already realized this in grade one, then you handed in a little lollipop, and she said, “oh, that’s divine.” But here’s Junior who really knows a tree as this little woman has never seen a tree in her life. He’s climbed a tree, he’s hugged a tree, he’s fallen out of a tree, he’s listened to the breeze blow through the branches. He really knows a tree, and he knows that a tree isn’t a lollipop! So he takes purple and yellow and orange and green and magenta crayons and he draws this beautiful freaky thing and hands it in. She takes one look and shrieks. “Brain damaged!”

The Concept: Education and Industrialized Conformity

I started out summing up the introduction to Buscaglia and his “Love Class”. I asked the woman on the right to read:

“Education should be the process of helping everyone to discover his uniqueness, to teach him how to develop that uniqueness, and then to show him how to share it because that’s the only reason for having anything.”

This was to introduce the concept and was a precursor to the story. I noticed that people seemed to get bored so instead of adding more concepts I decided to ask each person to share if they had or hadn’t ever experienced the same type of situation as the Child experienced in the story with the Art Teacher.
I received some well thought out answers from each person. Even when I initially thought a few women didn’t get the point of the story I found if I waited everyone did get it and the group went smoothly. I tried to draw out each person’s point because not each answer was the same consideration. Some people brought out the actual help that they felt the Art Teacher was providing. Some went to the abstract and talked about the stifling affect that happened in their experience that either smothered their interest in the subject or caused them to seek out someone more empathetic. All in all even though the group had been interrupted a few times and was as short as a half an hour the content and interest was satisfying.
As part of the group sometimes we might think about the concepts and realize that we have more to say about our own experiences and thoughts. If you care to, and even if you’re not part of the physical group leave an answer to the following:

Have you ever encountered a similar teacher in school as a child (or young adult, adult, whatever)? What happened and how do you feel it relates to the concept of Education and Industrialized Conformity. Keep in mind the two quotes when answering…


3 thoughts on “Part 1: A Quote, A Story And A Round Of Each Person’s Thoughts…

  1. Thanks for this beautiful post.

    I have encountered it many times. In fact I was aggravated by the teachers of this sort. I always thought in my school days that once I am out of school and into the college all this rote learning will vanish and I would be learning something really cool with all the logic and creativity. But unfortunately, that did not happen. In college I thought once I am out and I get admission in an Engineering University I would be learning creativity and logic. That did not happen as well. But in my university days I got some of the professors who taught logic and creativity, although they were not in majority but I was glad to have met some. 🙂

    I now believe that this type of teaching is an individual aura, that teaching cannot be taught.

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    • Thanks for commenting! This is not something that came up in the group and I appreciate your response to the post. Within your own life have you had a chance to teach the way you had wanted to have been taught whether informal or not?

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      • Yes! I have tried informally.

        What I did is that I conveyed first the reason of studying what we were studying and then gave practical examples from the very environment of the kid. This I believe gives the confidence of studying anything. But most teachers that I have read from usually don’t go into that stuff and jump to all the theory.

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