Looking For Better Terms To Search For Hate Topic…

I am having a problem finding satisfactory information on this subject one of the group members asked me about. Does anyone know of any good books or blogs or websites where I might find information on how to stop yourself from labeling other people? So far I found a log entry on “http://jayclarkbooks.com/how-to-stop-hating-people-in-15-minutes/” which is a funny take on meditation. It’s not serious but it is one way of attempting to deal with the anger. This entry How to stop hating people is serious but more about searching for why you would hate someone in order to not hate the person you are currently hating. Exhausting. I’m not sure if this is a multi-solution problem or one of those issues where you need to do some serious soul searching.

In this post on ehow: How to stop discrimination looks to be more about making a bigger imprint on society than a personal attempt to recognize it within oneself.

Well I got lost looking for a cyberpunk novel, sorry. I’ll continue this later. If you have any suggestions write them in the comments section.


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