A Facebook Group I Will Be Posting On…

I will be posting on a facebook group called The Comfort Compass. “The Comfort Compass is a coalition uniting individuals living with mental health and/or substance abuse disorders, families, friends, & professionals with education, support and resources to encourage stability and decrease stigma.”


About me:

“I have been diagnosed with a mental illness since 1996 but have suffered with it my whole life. Once diagnosed I spent any spare time I had looking for ways to manage it by seeking education, professional advice and alternative applications. I currently work at a Recovery and Wellness Center running a women’s group. I plan on becoming an Intentional Peer Support Facilitator and a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan,) Facilitator in 2015 at the Center. I’ve had personal experiences with abuse, care taking issues, single parenting, public assistance, homelessness and sexual identity issues but can not call myself an advocate. I’ve lectured for NAMI on the topic of Mental Illness and have spoken in front of The Rhode Island’s Senate on Domestic Abuse. I believe in self empowerment whether it be for a disability, sexual issues or any other minority issue. I strongly believe in self advocacy and being well educated in anything I put into my body. I write a blog on Women’s Issues that compliments the group I run and a personal blog for my own self edification, personal history recording and symptom tracking. I would like to encourage people to challenge their beliefs and thought processes to encourage intelligent conversation.”


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